Ice Cream

Our classic flavours use pure cream. Our vegan ingredients are plant-based (obviously). Who knew: creamy desserts can grow on trees. And both varieties are naturally sweet and free of added sugar. You’ll want to feed your face immediately, but be polite, use a spoon.

choc pops

If we can’t make a good popsicle stick then we shouldn’t be in the biz or call ourselves talented at making ice cream. But we did. And we humbly reckon we are. Let us know you agree, OK? Or ask your tastebuds.

It’s what’s not on the inside that counts.

Every one of our low carb, low lactose, gluten-free ice creams has 14x less sugar than regular ice cream, and 8% less than a tub of yoghurt. Our sweetener, Xylitol, is found naturally in birchbark and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, Denada is dessert and nutrition in a single bowl. You’re welcome.

Professionally tasty.

Our recipe is uncompromisingly creamy and still hits the sweet spot. Denada is the real deal, formulated and certified delicious by an artisan pastry chef. What more do you need?

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