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Denada ice cream was created out of a need
for deliciously tasty, healthy treats.  

Denada has a uniquely smooth texture, with bright, fresh flavours and a clean finish.  

We are proudly Australian owned and we use only the finest of natural ingredients. 

You may notice the absence of a long list of artificial stabilisers and emulsifiers on our label; we prefer the process of building texture and flavour without them.

Our flavours stand alone straight from the pint and are the perfect addition for any dessert.


Meet the team

Charlotte Haygarth, Jayde Taylor & Sophie Lawrence

Denada Co. was established in 2017 by three fun-loving West Australians with a passion for good food and a commitment to a sugar-free, low carb lifestyle.

Charlotte, the mastermind behind the amazing product, is a trained baker and pastry chef who spent an extensive time training under some of the world's best chefs in New York.  In 2015 she started her successful gluten free 'Bare Baker' brand.  

Jayde is an ex-hockey player, Olympian, Comm Games & World Cup medalist.  The importance she places on good fuel for your body has followed through into her retired athlete lifestyle and jumped at the chance to join Charlotte on the journey to get rid of sugar. 

Sophie, an advertising strategist and ice cream enthusiast, not only fell in love with the product but became so emotionally invested what Charlotte and Jayde started, that she decided to quit her job to join team Denada. 

All have discovered the joys of life without sugar and a largely ketogenic diet; weight loss, general well being & vastly improved mental clarity being some of the benefits.

Something that was always missed was a total lack of delicious, sugar free snack food, with most low carb snacks on the market being highly processed, with artificial ingredients and not particularly tasty.  Charlotte went to work to create something that they could pig out on themselves, guilt free!

And so... Denada ice cream was born, and now it's being shared with you all!


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